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Ready to make some money?

What Better Time Than NOW to Get More Clients & Make More Money?

Are you ready to implement changes that will echo through your entire business and get you the money you’re looking for? With credibility and connection, you build trust with your prospects, helping get them ready to buy. Your pricing and sales approach will get the wheels turning so you can start to see the financial reality you’re aiming for. Photography business coaching  will get you the traction and accountability you need to make it to your finish line.

It’s time to play big! Imagine the transformation you’ll achieve when you create a foundation for your business that matches your potential. Let’s get you focused on what matters and make your business thrive. You have a few choices for how to work with me.

Learn the System

Dive into your business development in a group class setting. My perspective and photography experience is backed up with the world-famous system known as Book Yourself Solid®. This class will teach you the BYS system and help you implement the principles that will make your photography business shine. You’ll learn by showing up for class, doing the work, and checking in with your peers.

Join the Think Tank

The Think Tank is an opportunity to put your heads together with me – your favorite photography business coach – and a small group of fellow business owners. By tapping into other perspectives, you’ll find solutions that you may never come to on your own. Enjoy honest support and firm accountability to ensure you follow through on the promises you make to yourself. They say 2 heads are better than one. Put that to the test and watch your business soar to its highest heights yet.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Want laser focused coaching that’s customized specifically for you? I have a limited capacity for individual coaching, where you can get special treatment as a Lara Grauer VIP. The best part of 1-to-1 business coaching is the compassionate kick in the pants that’ll help you make more progress than you’ve ever made on your own. No more messing around; this is the real deal – built just for you.

Lara dove right in to learning the core of how my business worked and took time to get to know me. If I had a crisis I knew she’d answer the phone to help me develop a solution. It’s so refreshing to have a business mentor who’s full of ideas and excited about the work you’re doing. I’d highly recommend working with her!

– Heather Tabacchi

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It’s important to be flexible in your approach and find the right way for you and your situation. My business coaching methods are influenced by personal experience in portrait photography, along with wisdom from a variety of experts, techniques, & systems. The foundation of my approach to business success is the world-renowned system known as Book Yourself Solid®. There is no better or more comprehensive system anywhere in the world, and you’ll get the benefit of my expertise when you choose me as your photography business coach.

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Want to talk about business coaching options? Tell me about your goals, and we’ll match you up with the right fit. I can’t wait to get started!