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Small Business Branding – Seattle Coach Lara Grauer

Build a business that sustains you.

Do you long for a schedule full of clients who inspire you?

Do you worry that charging more might drive potential clients away?

Most small business owners start out in business because they love their work. It happened to me, too. I was in love with photography, and wanted to share my skills with people. When I finally decided to charge for my work, I wanted to make sure the money wouldn’t get in the way of my relationships. After all, if my life wasn’t so busy, I would happily photograph people for free. So I set my prices at a point where I felt everyone could afford me.

This type of business owner is what one of my first coaches called an “accidental entrepreneur.” There are so many people like this – those who didn’t set out to start a business, but instead, just found themselves running one. Once you’re in this situation, you’re faced with a choice: accept it as a hobby and keep your day job OR take a giant leap of faith and learn how to run a profitable business. What choice did you make?

Are you ready to fill up your calendar and generate enough revenue to support your life?

The first and fastest thing you can do is simply raise your prices. Give yourself a raise – you can do the same work and make more money. Because you deserve it!

But if you’re still worried about alienating people with higher prices, then you’ll need to start shifting your mindset about that. One great way to get started is to implement some new habits. Get focused on the basic components that make a business engine run, and you’ll gain momentum and and see your business flourish as a result.

To find out the 5 things that will make the most difference in your business, and put you in a position where you feel ready to charge more, make sure you download my free checklist.

Of course there are plenty more strategies, tips, and tricks I can help you with. Imagine if there was a system that was easy to understand, simple to implement, and could get you booked with all the clients you could want – even if you hate marketing and selling. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Well, that system exists, and I’m the only Seattle coach certified to teach it. The system is laid out in detail in the New York Times best-selling book by Michael Port, Book Yourself Solid®. You can (and should) read the book. Because it’s awesome, and knowledge is power. 

But you will soon realize you’ll apply the system best with a licensed Seattle business coach to guide you through it. I can help you get the system working for you through my Book Yourself Solid® classes or my customized coaching options.

With a small business coach to help you implement the changes your business needs most, you’ll see your brand convert more business faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Marketing tools such as photography, speaking, networking, and social media can be important, but it’s even more important to back it all up with solid business practices. So many coaches teach marketing tactics. Marketing tactics are good to learn because you need to spread your message in order to get noticed. But marketing alone won’t get you clients. You must provide substance and authenticity to develop trust. That’s what branding is all about. 

Develop your business with a coach at your side, and you’ll gain traction quickly. When you establish yourself as a top-notch professional, you’ll attract top-notch clients. To stay efficient, focus your efforts on the things that matter most. Seattle coach Lara Grauer will keep you focused on reaching your goals. Working with a small business branding coach will also help you give your prospects what they’re looking for.

Business coaching will hold you accountable so you can provide more value and therefore make more money. Seattle coach Lara Grauer will steer you toward more efficiency. Leveraging your time and effort and creating attractive visuals leads to better branding, which brings in more of the clients you love and allows you to charge more.

The best time to get started with coaching is the day you start your business.

The second best time is now.

My name is Lara Grauer. I’m a small business branding coach who’s here to help you create your dream business.

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Cut through the noise and get busy with the stuff that matters. With my small business coaching programs, I’ll give you the assistance and encouragement (or maybe the kick-in-the-pants) you need to clean up your image and get things running at the speed you want. Here are some ways you can flourish with me as your Seattle business coach:

  • Create the business you dream of by putting the amazing Book Yourself Solid® system to use.
  • Sharpen your business skills and multiply your results when you join the Think Tank mastermind program.
  • Get laser-focused coaching and accountability, tailored to your needs for growth when you work with me individually.

Enhance your business game by developing your photography skills. My photography coaching programs will teach you to create images that communicate your brand. Whether you’re using a phone or a DSLR for your photos, I will help you make adjustments to create the “sizzle” that stops your target clients from scrolling past your message. Take your photography up a notch. Learn to see the good shots before you take them so you can create the visual brand you want for your business.

No time to do it yourself? I’m also available to create your branding photography for you. Learn more about those services here.

"Lara helped me work through some big business decisions,
always offering a growth-focused perspective."

- Jessi

There’s more to running a successful Seattle business venture than putting up a website or hanging a sign outside your door. 

A small business marketing coach can help you figure out what changes will make the biggest difference in your bottom line. 

Your company is an ecosystem. All the parts depend on each other. Your photos and marketing pieces invite people to engage with your message. Your message makes you likable. Credibility and likability keeps your prospects around, wanting to learn more and gradually developing trust in you. The more trust you build, the more sales you make, which brings you back to putting out visuals and attracting new prospects, and the cycle repeats. Find the weak links in your systems and fix them with targeted coaching.

Give yourself the gift of a healthy business. 

When you hire Seattle coach Lara Grauer as your small business branding coach, you will clearly identify your company’s brand and define your professional goals. From there, we’ll gather visual elements that enhance your company’s message. Next, we’ll assess which business upgrades will take you where you want to go. Once the route is planned, our coaching will have you focused on actions that matter and make a big impact in your business.

Seattle Business Coach, Speaker

Education is the key that unlocks the door to success. I love to help as many people as possible with educational speaking opportunities. I can deliver fun and engaging presentations throughout the Seattle area about branding your business with photography and the Book Yourself Solid® marketing system.

If you’re looking for someone to speak to your group about running a more successful enterprise, I love to provide group coaching events and ask that you contact me to discuss the respective event today!

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